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Dave Has Crabs

Growing up as both an Asian immigrant and a nerd, I always had difficulty finding clothes that felt representative of who I am. Nothing spoke to me; I wanted a look that reflected the interests and influences most important in my life, but was more refined than just another anime character or a video game logo slapped onto a shirt.

I’ve also always disliked what-ifs. But I couldn’t stop thinking- what if I could create my dream clothing brand? Something that really felt like me. That lingering question, combined with the lack of representation I kept finding in stores, finally pushed me to consider starting my own brand. Something that was only a daydream became increasingly real to me- but I needed a name. 

One late night, my girlfriend was dozing off during a conversation. I teased, “Are you just a sleepy boi?” It was just an off the cuff comment but for some reason, those words stood out to both of us. The name that I’d been searching for had been found.

With the encouragement and support of those around me, I finally took the leap and launched Sleepy Boi- now evolved into Sleepi. My dream of producing high quality clothing that could weave together my background and my interests was finally tangible.

I’m still running towards that dream every day; I hope that you enjoy it as much we do.

Dave Yang